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When using Concept, what may cause a 4000h Stop Code on my Momentum I/O Bus CPU?

Published date: 29 March 2019

The 4000h stop code may be generated by a bad I/O map, extended memory error or missing loadable. This error will also occur when a Momentum I/OBus network has a third party Interbus device on the network but undefined. The Concept ModConnect tool must be used to generate a MDC file that will define the module and allow the Concept database to insert this definition in the I/O map configuration. A common symptom of this problem is the program will download and start with no problems with an older computer that has the MDC definitions installed. When the project is moved to another computer without the modules MDC file, the project will report a 4000h error after download/ start. To eliminate this error generate a new MDC file using the Concept Modconnect tool.

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