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How do I scale data from 0-32,000 to 0-4095 using 984 Ladder Logic?

Published date: 24 September 2018


The following network scales data from 0-32,000 to 0-4095 for use with analog signals.

Register 300001 contains the analog input data (0-32,000).

This data gets BLKM (Block Moved) to register 400002. 

Registers 400001 and 400002 are the top integer nodes of an EMTH (Divide Integer by Floating point) which is divided by registers 400003 and 400004 (display 400003 as data type float), the middle node registers that contain the floating point constant (7.814408).  

The floating point result is found in registers 400005 and 400006 that is then converted by the FTOI
(Floating point TO Integer) Block to register 400007.

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