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Why is Monitor Pro version 7.2 reporting "ERROR OPERATION ON SVRMBX mbx 2"?

Published date: 24 September 2018

The error can occur when upgrading from a prior version of Monitor Pro to version 7.2. It is caused by a mailbox tag that is configured by default for operator event logging in the FLBLANK.mps and FLNEW.mps on Monitor Pro 2.x and in the StarterApps in Monitor Pro 7.0.
When the StarterApp was created, the SECURITYMBX was dropped from the historian tables but is still configured in Graph. This leaves the SECURITYMBX defined and no historian task configured to recieve event messages. This will cause Monitor Pro to run out of mailbox memory after a period of time and crash the server.
To correct this, delete the SECURITYMBX in the database or configure a historian task.

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