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What are the Auto-tuning requirements for a Twido PID function?

Published date: 01 May 2019

The Auto-tune requirements for a Twido PID function are listed below:
1. The control process must be an open-loop, stable system.

2. At the start of the auto-tuning run, the control process must be in steady state with a null process input (e.g.: an oven or a furnace shall be at ambient temperature.)

3.During operation of the auto-tuning, make sure that no disturbances enter through the process for either computed parameters will be erroneous or the auto-tuning process will simply fail (e.g.: the door of the oven shall not be opened, not even momentarily.)

4. Configure the Twido PLC to scan in Periodic mode. Once you have determined the correct sampling period (Ts) for the auto-tuning, the scan period must be configured so that the sampling period (Ts) is an exact multiple of the Twido PLC scan period.

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