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How to clear a ProWORX NxT traffic cop warning message - "drop 2 is not scheduled to be scanned"

Published date: 30 April 2019

"drop 2 is not scheduled to be scanned"

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Sometimes after configuring the traffic cop for a Remote drop, the user will encounter a "drop 2 is not scheduled to be scanned" warning message when trying to save the ProWORX NxT Traffic Cop.

The reason for this warning message is because the total segments configured in the ProWORX NxT Controller Configuration is set for "1". The segments configured have to be equal to or greater than the number of drops. In this case increasing the Segments to "2" will clear the "drop 2 is not scheduled to be scanned" warning message and allow ProWORX NxT to save the traffic cop configuration.

You will also get a similar message for any drop is simply not scheduled to be scanned in the segment scheduler, but you have configured it in the traffic cop. Every drop that is traffic copped needs to be listed in the Drop In/Out fields if any input or output cards in that drop are to be read from or written to by the PLC.

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