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How do you import old Sy/Max database formats into the new Winmate SFW572 software?

Published date: 05 July 2019

Importing Symax database into the SFW572 software.
Product line:
Symax and Winmate

SFW472 Symate Plus and SFW572 Winmate.

Product and software obsolescence.

To import an old Sy/Max database into Winmate the following steps are required.


F2 PLC Off-line
F8 Documentation Editor
F1 Label Editor
File, Import Legacy Label File
When asked for the Legacy file you will have to point where the program and label file are located. (ie: C:/programs/SQD/program name.)
Once you do this it will import the program and automatically change the file extensions to the new extensions for Winmate.

Note: Symax has been obsolete since 2015 and is no longer available for sale. Contact local office for information on upgrading to the M340 or M580.

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