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Creating MV-90 reports for ION 7500 / 7600 / 7550 / 7650 in ION Setup

The MV-90 report is available by default in the latest builds of ION Setup 3.0 as well as 2.1 (greater than 660) for the ION8xxx series meters.
This report is used to create a .DAT file which contains the information used by the MV-90 software to connect to the meter.
In some cases, it may be desired to have this report available for other ION meters. specifically ION 7500, 7600, 7550 and 7650.

Product Line:
7500 ; 7600 ; 7550 ; 7650 ; ION Setup ; MV90 ; MV-90 ; MV 90 ; Report ; Template

ION Setup

The setup assistant window of an ION 75x0/76x0 meter doesn't include MV90 reports by default. To add the MV90 report, the template of the meters needs to be modified.

Log into ION Setup in Network mode and view the device properties by right-clicking on the meter icon in the network viewer then bring up the Display Tab.

In Version 3.0, it will list out a Template Type and a Template Option.  The Template Type will indicate which TABLES sub-folder to look in (in the above case PML7650) and then the Template Options will list all sub-folders in that folder.
Which ever folder is highlighted under template options is the folder one should be accessing for that particular device.

Now Go to Program Files\Schneider Electric\ION Setup\Tables and open the folder specified in template type.
In this folder, open the folder specified under template options and open the "QuickIon.cfg" with the notepad.

The "Report" section is all the way down to the bottom. Copy and paste these two lines at the end of the file:

Tab1Reg7=10,1,0x5,MV-90 Report
Tab1Reg7Text=This reports information useful for MV-90 and allows saving info to a MV-90 Master file for importing.

Then modify the line "Tab1Registers=6" to "Tab1Registers=7" as a seventh report was added.

Save and Close the QuickIon.cfg file.
The MV-90 report will now be available in ION Setup.

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Related ranges: MV90, ION Setup 2.1, ION7550/ION7650, ION7500/ION7600

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