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What is the power dissipation for the Momentum 170ADI35000?

Published date: 22 May 2019

Requirement for determining the power dissipation for the Momentum 170ADI35000.

Product line:

Depending on the Processor, Modsoft, Proworx Plus, NXT, 32, Concept and Ecostruxure Control Expert (formally Unity Pro).

The 170ADI35000 Module has a max of 250 ma for the card at 24vdc this is 6 watts. As for the inputs it is calculated  by the number of inputs on at one time x .144 watts.  The worst case is if all 32 points are on at once the calculation would be  6W + (32 x.144 W) = 4.608 W + 6W for a total of 10.608 Watts as worst case.

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