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How much current is available on the USB ports of the Com'X 200?

Published date: 30 July 2019

A user wants to use a USB device with the Com'X 200 and needs to know how much current can be supplied to their device.

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USB on the COM'X200

The current available on the USB 2.0 ports has a defined limit, and is not the same on all ports.

There are three USB ports on the Com'X 200. In the Metering and Data Acquisition System Instruction sheet (Document Reference: 253534170), the USB ports are labeled "USB port", USB1 port", and "USB2 port".

The "USB port" is on the front face of the device, and can source 500mA (milli amp) of current.

Behind the front cover, the "USB1 port" is facing to the side and can source 100mA of current.

Also behind the front cover and facing forward, the "USB2 port" can source 500mA of current.

The images below are extracted from the instruction sheet for your convenience:

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