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What are the Datalogging Service limitations on BMXNOR0200H module?

Published date: 30 November 2018

Need to explain the limitations with the BMXNOR0200H module DataLogging Service.
Product Line
Modicon M340

Web Designer Utility
The Datalogging CSV files stored in the BMXNOR0200H module memory can be accessed from any FTP client utility using the following path: SDCARD/USERDATA.
The file format is fixed and cannot be modified by the user. The file is encoded in the ASCII format as a text file with a .csv extension. Microsoft Excel is able to open these files.

Datalogging Limitations
The Datalogging service has the following limitations:
- The maximum number of Datalogging services is 1.
- The maximum number of tables is 10.
- The maximum number of variables is 100 per table.
- The maximum number of records per table is 10 000.
- The number of backup copies is 100 by default (10 backup CSV files per table), but it may be changed for each table.

Maximum Log Size Limitation
The limitation is 128 MB for a SD card in the BMX NOR 0200 H.

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