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How to upgrade the TSXWMY100 to version 1.9

Published date: 11 July 2019

Applicable to Product Range(s) : Web Designer

How to upgrade an older Web Designer application to support the latest exec firmwaret version.

Product Line
TSXWMY100, 140NWM10000, BMXNOE0110, BMXNOR0200 

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Web Designer does not allow the application target to be updated from an older version directly to the latest version

In order to update the target version of the application, the update must be performed in sequential steps.

i.e., to update the target version for a TSXWMY100 application that is at version 1.6, the following needs to be performed.

1.) Update the target to version 1.7
2.) Update the target to version 1.8
3.) Update the target to version 1.9.

To update the target:
  • Click on the application name to highlight it.
  • Click on Target\Update Target Version


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