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What are the part numbers for the EM3500 meter (EM3500A) and Compatible Rogowski Coils?

Published date: 18 February 2019

User requires the EM3500 series meter part numbers that are compatible with Rope CTs.

Product Line
PowerLogic EM3500 series meters

EM35xxA series meters

In addition to using the part number guide to select the correct meter and rope CT required for the application, this confirms the range of rope CTs. 

Schneider Electric is pleased to announce additional models of the EM3500 Energy Meter series.  The new “A” versions provide inputs that are directly compatible with Rogowski coil CTs without an external power supply or integrator device, saving installation time and cost.  Compared to conventional current transformers, Rogowski coils are “rope-style” CTs that are lightweight and mechanically flexible, allowing easy installation and mounting in tight quarters around cables and bus bars.   They can be wrapped around a conductor without disturbing it, making it an ideal technology for retrofit applications.

Rogowski coils are highly linear even when subjected to large currents.  For this reason, a single range CT can be used in applications to measure 50A to 5000A, reducing the number of CTs to purchase and keep on hand, eliminating site walks. Their inherently low-voltage output does not require shorting blocks, making service safe and simple. The leads can be extended to have a total lead distance of 20 feet. 

Please note that U018-series CTs have been replaced by METSECTR-series CTs, listed below.

Series 3500 Energy and Power Meters

METSECTR Series Rope-Style Current Transformers

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