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Is there an option to convert the old ATV66 drives sequence logic input with the new ATV61 or ATV71 drives?

Published date: 11 January 2019

Option to convert the ATV66 drives sequence logic input with the new ATV61 or ATV71 drives?

Product Line:
Altivar ATV66 ATV61 ATV71


The old drive was using a sequence input on LI8 and the new ATV61/71 drive does not appear to have a option to use the same function.

If you need you can program R2 for output contactor control in menu 1.7 application menu.  There is also a feedback input that can be assigned to give you status that the OCC contactor is pulled in however the logic is inverted on this function in comparison to the way the old ATV66 sequence logic input worked.

Example the old ATV66 was looking for a contact closure to turn on sequence logic input  when the output contactor pulls in.
The new ATV61/71 will be looking for a NC contact to open on the logic input assigned as OCC feedback once the contactor pulls in.
This can be fixed by adding an interposing relay so that the assigned logic input on the new ATV61/71 drive is 1 before the drive starts and goes 0 when the OCC contactor pulls in and the drive is running. .

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