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ATS22 soft starter trips with "BPF - Bypass contactor detected fault", how to solve the problem ?

Published date: 28 November 2018

The BPF is related to a bypass contactor failure. Below is the possible failure reason provided in user manual.

1. If "BPF" fault happens during initial start up means that the bypass contactor is welded or the SCR's are shorted. You can recycle the line power and control power to see if the fault get reset. If the fault get reset, you can "ON" soft start self test parameter(test) in utility menu( in UTIL) to test the soft starter. If the result shows BAD, below are the possible reasons.

2. You can try to reset to factory default settings, and reprogram the soft start.

2. If the problem is not solved with factory reset, switch off the power supply, control supply and check the resistance of all 3 phases L1-T1, L2-T2, L3-T3. If bypass contactor is welded, you will find short circuit between phase input to output. You can also open the soft starter and check the thyristor and bypass contactor individually to confirm the failure is thyristor or bypass contactor. If the thyristor is found faulty, you can repair the soft starter by replacing the thyristor. If contactor is found faulty, you may have to replace the soft starter. The bypass contactor spares are not commercialized for ATS22 soft starter. If we could change, it will need  specific tool for mounting and adjustment. It is the reason, why the spare parts of bypass are not provided to repair the soft starter.

If BPF fault happens upon ramp up or ramp down, you have to check and replace other components in soft starter like the current transformer, control board, power board etc...

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