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How do you monitor the I/O bus with the Unity Momentum?

Published date: 22 May 2019

How to monitor the IObus with a Unity Momentum Processor.

Product line:
All Unity Momentum Processors

Ecostruxure Control Expert (formally  Unity Pro)

Errors on the Interbus network on the Unity Momentum

%SW128.0...15 are for the first 16 Unity Momentum Interbus modules and %SW129.0...15 will display modules 17 to 32 on the I/O bus network.
Also %SW132
Meaning of the different bits of the word %SW132.0 to %SW132.15:
  • %SW132.0 to %SW132.14: These bits contain a value from 1 to 64, signifying the network position of the module that cannot be reached. For example, a value of 8 indicates a detected communications failure in accessing the eighth module on the network.
  • %SW132.15:
    • %SW132.15 = 0 indicates a detected general communication stoppage; for example: no power to the module or a break in its input cable.
    • %SW132.15 = 1 indicates that communication is possible, but the I/O bus ID received from the module does not match the module type contained in the configuration for that position.

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