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How can I force the ATV-IMC to update the PIx / POx scanner?

Published date: 05 November 2018

When you start up the drive with an RUN Command the PIx /POx scanner is not updated.

You can add the following code in a POU to configure the scanner :

configureScanner : BOOL;


IF configureScanner THEN
         (* Initializing Cyclic data exchange Read*)
                addrDRIVE_PI1:= 12741,     
                addrDRIVE_PI2:= 12742,    
                addrDRIVE_PI3:= 12743,     
                addrDRIVE_PI4:= 12744,  
                addrDRIVE_PI5:= 12745,     
                addrDRIVE_PI6:= 12746,     
                addrDRIVE_PI7:= 12747,    
                addrDRIVE_PI8:= 12748,     
            bExecute:= TRUE);

        IF DriveParameterCyclicReadSet.bDone THEN
            configureScanner := FALSE;

As soon as "configureScanner " is TRUE, the scanner configuration will be executed.
This should be done when drive status is different from "RUN".

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