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Video: How do you download a new firmware to a M221 controller?

Published date: 13 August 2020

There are two options to update the firmware on a M221 controller:

Option 1:
1. Click Start → Programs → Schneider Electric → SoMachine Basic → M221 Firmware Update or run the ExecLoaderWizard.exe from SoMachine Basic installation folder\Execloader folder.
2. Follow the instructions on the screens. The firmware files on a Windows 7 64 bit computer are located at C:/ Program Files (x86) / Schneider Electric / SoMachine Basic / Firmware & PostConfiguration / M221

Option 2:
You can use an SD card to update the firmware on a M221 controller

1 Stop the logic controller and unplug the USB programming cable if connected.
2 Insert an empty SD card into the PC that is running SoMachine Basic.
3 Copy the firmware update files to the root folder of the SD card. For example you should have a script.cmd file and a sys folder on the root of the SD card
4 Remove the SD card from the PC and insert it into the SD card slot of the logic controller.
5 Start the logic controller.
Result: Copying of the firmware file begins. During the operation, the SD system LED on the logic controller is On. Do not stop the logic controller while the operation is in progress.
NOTE: The firmware download process has a low priority in order to minimize impact on the user logic and communication performance of the logic controller. Depending on the amount of free
time in your program, the operation may take considerably longer to complete if the logic controller is in RUN or STOP mode than if it is in BOOTING mode.
6 When the SD system LED is turned Off, remove the SD card.
7 Reconnect the USB programming cable to the logic controller and login to the logic controller with the SoMachine Basic software.


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