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Can Concept error '801 - error opening loadable file' be corrected?

Published date: 30 May 2019

    Concept is unable to locate a loadable in the Concept \DAT folder when doing a compare or download.

    Make sure the loadable used in the project resides on the "Installed" side of the Configure - Loadables section of the Configurator.

    If not, move if from the "Available" column on the left to the "Installed" column on the right.

    If it is not "Available", hit the <Unpack> button and point to the loadable's .EXE or .DAT file and <Unpack> it.  It will then
    show up in the "Available" column and can be "Installed".

    Make sure that all user loadables needed in the project are in the Concept \DAT folder.

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