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ION8650 sliding Window Demand module lower than expected after a time sync

Published date: 12 August 2019

Sliding window Demand module (SWD) is lower than expected after a meter is time synched

ION8650 firmware V407 and below

Meter is time sync'd where the clock is adjusted forward and the SWD module is set to an integer value (900, 300 etc). For example the time is changed from 11:11:51 AM to 11:12:40 AM. This does not include when clock is adjusted backwards.

A change to the SWD module created a connection between the module and a time sync on the meter.

This has been fixed in V420 firmware. To reduce the impact of this issue, the smaller the change in time for each time sync the smaller the impact on the SWD module. Consider time syncing the meters as often as possible.

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