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What product replaces Lexium 15 or Lexium 17 drives

Published date: 08 July 2019

The migration path for replacing obsolete Lexium 15 or Lexium 17 drives is the Schneider Electric Lexium 32 product line.
However, in order to make the proper selection of a suitable Lexium 32 model there are some key questions that need to be answered.

1.   What is the model number of the servo motor currently in use with the Lexium 17 or Lexium 15 drive? 
2.   Is the customer willing to upgrade to a new motor if needed? 
3.   How is the existing Lexium 17 / Lexium 15 drive being controlled?  Is the drive being controlled by simple Analog signals or is it being controlled via field-bus. 

4.   If controlled via field-bus, what is the bus technology?  CANbus, Profibus, Ethernet, Modbus-plus, FIPway, Sercos…. Ect.
5.   If the drive is controlled via field-bus, does the customer have access to the PLC program and can they make changes if needed?
Note that Lexium 32 may not be a direct replacement for Lexium 15 or Lexium 17 applications. There will be some instances which require complete upgrade of drives and PLC.
Please have the answers to these key questions prior to contacting Schneider Electric Technical Support when you require assistance choosing the best suitable model of Lexium 32 to replace your obsolete Lexium 17 or Lexium 15 drives.

Rev 11-28-17

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