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How to change the Reactive Power and Energy calculation for the PM8000 series meters

Published date: 04 July 2018

In order to meet 62053-24, the reactive power (kVAR) is calculated from the fundamental frequency. The meter has the option to change the calculations to use the full spectrum up to the 63 rd harmonic by changing an External Boolean.


ION Setup

In the PM8000 there is an External Boolean "UseFundkVAR", this register can be changed to alter how the meter calculates kVAR values including energy. By default, this register is true. A description of the behaviour of the meter based on this register is outlined below:
If UseFundkVAR is true, all reactive power and energy calculations  are based on the fundamental frequency.
If UseFundkVAR is false, all reactive power and energy calculations are based on full spectrum up to 63 rd harmonic.

Using ION Setup
1) Connect to the meter
2) Place the meter in advanced edit mode
3) Open the "Ext Bool Modules"
4) Open the module "UseFundkVAR"
5) Select output registers tab
6) Hold down shift and left click 'UseFundkVAR"
7) In the pop up window, select the desired state of the output, either ON or OFF.

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