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Osisense XC_XCMN211AL1 switch datasheet

Published date: 12 June 2019

XCMN211AL1 basic limit switch is not a standard one (not shown into Osisense XC catalogue). It is an adapted switch requested by an Italian OEM. It is in fact an XCMN2110L1 switch (snap action contacts) assembled with the end plunger with silicone protective boot "ZCE1A" not sold separately and 1m cable length. The closest standard complete switch is the XCMN2110L1. Attached its datasheet. It cannot replace the XCMN211AL1 switch because the plunger head with protective boot is longer. Logistic situation in 2019 : it is not reserved to the italian OEM only. Sales are open for all customers. So you can pass an order to our international distribution centre Evreux France through your country logistic.

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