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Is SoMove compatible with any drives not manufactured by Schneider Electric?

Published date: 10 May 2019

Is SoMove compatible with any drives not manufactured by Schneider Electric? 
Product Line:
SoMove software
All versions, All releases
Customer likes SoMove features but has some non-Schneider drives and would like to use SoMove with the non-Schneider drives.
SoMove is proprietary sofware that was developed by Schneider Electric for use with Schneider Electric drives, soft starters, and various other Schneider Electric products.  It has not been tested for compatibility with any equipment other than those specific part numbers for which it was designed.  Use of the SoMove software with any product other than those it was specifically designed for is not recommended or supported.  SoMove software requires a .DTM file to help the SoMove software interface with each product it is connected to.  If no DTM file for the connected equipment is available, then SoMove will not be able to connect or communicate with that product.   Schneider Electric does not publish and is not aware of any SoMove compatible DTM files available for non-Schneider Electric product. 


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