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How to setup the IP address on a new Advantys STBNIP2311 Island?

Published date: 17 July 2019

Product Line:
Advantys STB

Advantys Configuration Software


  1. Set Rotary wheel to ‘CLEAR IP’
  2. Power cycle STBNIP2311
  3. STS LED will start flashing 2 times
  4. Set Rotary wheel to ‘STORED’
  5. Power cycle STBNIP2311
  6. STS LED will start flashing 6 times
  7. Launch Advantys Configuration Software
  8. Select ‘Online’ then ‘Connection Settings’
  9. Enter the last two digits of the STBNIP2311 MAC address then press ‘Calculate’
  10. Notice the ‘New Remote IP’ address then press ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ (Ex;
  11. Set your laptops network to match the first three octets of the ‘New Remote IP’ address (Ex;
  12. Connect directly to one of the STBNIP2311 ethernet ports with a crossover cable and disable all security. (Firewall, Anti-virus software)
  13. Select ‘Online’ then ‘Connect’ (Notice at the bottom ‘Island is Healthy’ message)
  14. Select ‘Online’ then ‘Download into Island’ followed by pressing ‘Yes’ to Reset Island
  15. Press ‘OK’ to place Island to ‘Running State’
  16. Select ‘Online’ then ‘Disconnect’
  17. Power cycle STBNIP2311
  18. STB LED will now be ‘Solid’
  19. Return PC’s IP address back to normal to match the subnet of the Advantys Island
  20. Select ‘Online’ then ‘Connection Settings’
  21. Enter current new IP address into ‘New Remote IP’ and press ‘OK’
  22. Select ‘Online’ then ‘Connect’ (should get ‘Island is healthy’ message)
  23. Select ‘Online’ then ‘Disconnect’
  24. Now Using IE Enter new IP address and the STBNIP2311 web page will display

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