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SCADA 7.20 system starts however no device can communicate

Published date: 07 November 2018

When PLSCADA 7.20 is started, the runtime will start and client will display however no device information is displayed....only system errors "Server could not be located"


Windows Server 2008 with Data Execution Prevention (DEP) enabled.

Data Execution Prevention is a security feature of the CPU that prevents an application from executing code from a non-executable memory region. This will cause aspects of PLSCADA to crash

Disable DEP:

1) Open Control Panel
2) Click on System and Security -> System -> Advanced system settings.
3) In the Advanced tab, click on the Settings button in the Performance section.

4) In Performance Options, select the Data Execution Prevention tab. Here you can turn on DEP support for Windows essential programs and services only or for all programs, with the possibility to define exceptions for non-compliant software.

Select "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only"


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