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What are the 5 menu choices under SoMacine HVAC Suite

Published date: 02 July 2020


The interfaces and converters are dedicated to M171/M172O, M171/M172P Flush or M171/M172P.
The SoMachine HVAC software suite consists of 5 development environments for programming the M171/M172
Optimized, M171/2 Performance Flush & M171/M172 Performance programmable controllers:
SoMachine HVAC Application, dedicated to developers, for creating and managing libraries, IEC applications
and diagnostics.
SoMachine HVAC Device, dedicated to users, for managing previously developed IEC applications,
downloading them to the target (programmable controller) device and modifying device parameters from a serial
SoMachine HVAC Simulation, dedicated to software developers, for executing PLC applications and HMI
pages (M171/M172P only) in a simulation environment without the need to have a target
An IEC application can be downloaded directly onto the Simulator without the need to have a physical
M171/M172O or M171/M172P
The following 2 development environments are only available for M171/M172 Performance:
SoMachine HVAC Connection, dedicated to software developers, for creating networks
For M171/M172P only: Connection is the entry point of the software suite - see Target chapter
SoMachine HVAC User Interface, dedicated to software developers, for personalizing the graphical interface
on built-in displays and other displays.

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