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ClearSCADA Database Restore

Published date: 28 July 2019


How do I properly restore a ClearSCADA database?

Solution 1

ClearSCADA 2015 and newer features a 'Backup' object.  If a 'Backup' object was used to backup the database, follow the procedure in the ViewX help to restore the database.  The procedure may be found here:

ViewX Help | System Administration | Server Administration | Back up the Database | Load your backup Database Files

Solution 2

Follow the steps below to restore a ClearSCADA database that was saved manually.

1) Open a Windows Explorer dialog and locate the ClearSCADA Database folder.  On a Windows 7 PC the location should be

C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\ClearSCADA\Database


(The Database location may be found by right-clicking on the server icon, selecting ‘Configuration’ and then navigating to system configuration | Location.

All fields should be common to a folder named ‘Database’)

2) Bring the ClearSCADA server icon into view by selecting it from the system tray.


3) Right-click on the server icon and select ‘Shutdown Server’.  NOTE: Never copy or replace a database while the ClearSCADA server is running.  The database could be corrupted if the server is not shut down first.


4) Wait for the server icon to first turn red (shutting down) and then grey.  When the icon turns grey the ClearSCADA server has been fully shut down.


5) If you are restoring a database from the same folder directory then use the following procedure.  (If you are restoring a database that is stored in another directory/media location then you will need to switch between Windows Explorer dialogs.)


After ensuring that the server is shut down, rename or delete the ‘Database’ folder.

6) After deleting the ‘Database’ folder you should be left with the database folder that you wish to restore.   (If the database you wish to restore is stored elsewhere, move it to this directory.)

7) Rename the folder to the name ‘Database’.


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