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Can the Full PME Hierarchy Configuration be Exported/Imported

Published date: 12 March 2019

Often times after creating a hierarchy within PME, it would be desirable to export and save the configuration outside of PME for backup purposes
or for analysis in order to make further enhancements to the hierarchy.

Power Monitoring Expert

Power Monitoring Expert 7.x, 8.x

The Hierarchy Configuration Utility does have the capability to export a partial or skeleton hierarchy configuration to Microsoft Excel. 
The intent of this was to aid and expedite the creation of a hierarchy by extracting and associating devices to nodes within this skeleton
configuration CSV file and importing the entries back into the Hierarchy Manager using the modified CSV file. This partial or skeleton hierarchy
CSV file does not contain the full hierarchy configuration.

A new feature added in PME 8, allows the export of the full hierarchy configuration to an XML file.  This can be done with the Hierarchy Configuration Utility.  The
XML file can be viewed with an XML editor or a text editor such as Notepad++.  It is also possible to restore a entire hierarchy from a previously exported XML file.
Instructions for both exporting and importing to the XML are found in the section "Saving and Restoring a Hierarchy Configuration" beginning on page 22 of the
"Hierarchy Configuration Guide" (attached). 

NOTE: Restoring a configuration XML file deletes the current hierarchy configuration and replaces it with the one represented in the file.

For PME 7.2.2 and older, the Hierarchy Configuration Utility does not support Hierarchy configuration export in XML format

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