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I replaced the motor connected to my Lexium 05 drive and now see "not" on the display

Published date: 15 November 2018

When replacing a motor that is connected to Lexium 05 you will see "not" on the display if the replacement motor is not the same motor type as the original.

The display of the Lexium 05 will show "not"  to indicate that the "MOTor" connected is not the same as expected.
The Lexium 05 knows what motor is connected by reading the motor data plate via the encoder connection.
If the motor has been replaced by another motor of a different model then the Lexium 05 drive will know this and alert you by displaying "not" on the display.

If the new motor is only temporary then you should press the "Esc" key on the Lexium 05.
This will tell the drive to temporarily accept the new motor and return the drive to an operational state.
Note that the next power cycle will again alert you with "not'

If the new motor is going to be used permanently the when "not" is displayed you should press the "Enter" key on Lexium 05.
This will tell the Lexium 05 to accept the new motor permanently and will store newly calculated control parameters into the drive EEPROM.
If the drive power is cycled then "not" will no longer be displayed.
The new motor is accepted

Rev 9-18-17

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