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What are the possible causes of motor choke over heating problem with ATV61/ATV71 drive?

Published date: 24 June 2020

- It is mentioned in the catalog that " Choke performance is ensured by not exceeding the cable lengths stated in catalog. For an application with several motors connected in parallel, the cable length must include all cabling. If a cable longer than that recommended is used, the motor chokes may overheat".

- For example, ATV61HD15N4 drive with VW3A5103 can be used up to 200 meters of cable length only. If the motor cable length is more than 200 meter, there may be possibility of the choke to get over heat. So you can use the choke reference VW3A5104, which can allow cable length up to 300 meter and this may solve the over heating problem.

- In many of installations, the armored cable are not considered as shielded cable, hence it may cause over heating of the choke. If armored cable is used, it is necessary to limit the cable length suitable for shielded cable. 

- Requirement of ventilation is based on the ambient temperature. You should do the needful to maintain the ambient  temperature with in 50 degree C around the choke (inside the panel).

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