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Editing a Reporter/ RepGen report causes Reporter to "lockup" or freeze when OK is clicked.

Published date: 21 December 2018

Changes are made to an existing report in RepGen edit mode and OK is clicked, the software either freezes and shows not responding or crashes and disappears.

Product Line
ION Enterprise
Struxureware Power Monitoring 
Power Monitoring Expert

Any ION software where the excel based RepGen is used for reporting.

There is a pre-defined Named Range of cells in the report that tells the macros where to look for the names of the datasheets to process - appropriately named "Datasheets". 

When a report is edited and OK is clicked, the program actually deletes several empty rows from the report. 
This is more prevelant in large systems as the amount of devices in a single report causes the named range blank region to shrink more quickly each time the report is edited.

When the Named Range becomes smaller than the number of queries added to the report, 
the remaining datasheets in the report are deleted and disregarded.

This causes the save of the report edits to become "lost" and unable to fully save resulting in the locked state.

1.) Open the appropriate report template in excel.
              Select the report in RepGen and click Preview.
       -or-  Find the report in the ION install directory ...config\reports
2.)  Expand the 'Datasheets' Named Range to include more rows.

              Excel 2003:
              - unhide sheet |PRIVATE|Datasheets
                Format -> Sheet -> Unhide 
                Select |PRIVATE|Datasheets
             - Expand the Named Range
                Insert -> Name -> Define...
             - Select 'Datasheets' name.
             - in 'Refers to:' field, change it to include more rows - $A3:$A606 increase to A$65000 (for example)

            Excel 2007, 2010, 2013:
            - Expand the Named Range
               Formulas tab -> Name Manger
            - Select Datasheets in the Name Manager Window
            - in 'Refers to:' field, change it to include more rows - $A3:$A606 increase to A$65000 (for example)
            - click Close and it will ask you to save select Yes
3.) Save the Excel document (file type should remain xls)

The report can now be edited without issue.


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