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PDL drive showing F31, Calibration Fault

Published date: 02 April 2019

PDL drive showing F31, Calibration Fault.  It will not reset.

Product Line:
PDL Elite and Ultradrive Elite Variable Frequency Drives

All models, all part numbers

Problem with the stability of a 2.5VDC power supply in the drive during power up.


This issue is most common when the ambient temperature is low, and it may be possible to resolve it by warming the drive up before powering it on.

The F31 Calibration fault can be a capacitor issue(on the control board) or a problem with the Drive select board that plugs onto the 40-way header at the top of the control board. 
Sometimes just removing the Drive select board and then pushing it back on is enough to fix the problem. 
Care is needed to ensure the pins are in the correct position as the design allows it to be off set by accident. 
Check the Z2 screen to see what size (if any) the Drive thinks it is (will show votlage and current rating) before and after removing and reinstalling the Drive select board. 

Note that the Elite and Ultradrive Elite products have been obsolete for nearly 10 years.  They were manufactured in New Zealand and any available replacement parts will have to come from there.
It is recommended that these drives be considered for replacement with current products.

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