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Preventa XCS - Are the XCSDMP/C/R magnetic switches compatible with the XPSAC or XPSAXE or equivalent safety relays?

Published date: 24 September 2019

Please note that the XCSDMP or XCSDMC or XCSDMR magnetic switches use reed switches for their contacts. Such devices have a limited switching current. Typical current for the XCSDMP/C/R contact monitoring < 50mA. XPSAC or XPSAXE unit or TM3SAC5, monitoring both XCSDMP/C/R/7* contacts in the unit supply (2 channel-application), are not compatible with the current allowed for the XCSDMP/C/R contacts. That's the reason why such inappropriate units are not shown into the XCSDMP/C/R instruction sheet. Find attached the XPS units table compatibility depending on both XCSDMP/C/R models, dated on september 2019. For the wiring diagram of the assocation XCSDM-XPSU, please refer to the user guide of the XPSU part number.

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