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Where are the communication settings of the ECC21 (CM3000/CM4000) saved?

Published date: 25 March 2019

Customer is trying to swap ECC21 card on CM4000 meter and is asking if the communication settings (e.g. IP address) for ECC21 card are stored on the ECC21 card itself or on the CM4000 meter to know if it will require him to re-program the communication settings or not after the swap.

Product Line:

Ethernet Communications

The communication settings are stored on the CM4000 meter, not on the ECC21 card. Swapping ECC21 card on CM4000 meter will not require to re-program the IP address and other settings for that meter.

Note: The IP address is stored on the meter and there is a continuous interrogation between meter and ECC21 card to make sure that it has not been changed. If the address is changed from the web page it is pushed to the meter, if it is changed from the meter it is pushed to the card

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