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What data can be logged in PM5300 series meters?

Published date: 01 February 2019

Customer has PM5300 series meter and wants to know what sources/data can be logged on the on-board memory of the meter

Product Line
PM5300 series meter
PM5330, PM5340, PM5350

On-board data logging

For PM5330, and PM5340:
Meter can log a maximum of 2 sources from list of available sources below:

  • Energies
    • Active Energy Delivered
    • Active Energy Received
    • Reactive Energy Delivered
    • Reactive Energy Received
    • Apparent Energy Delivered
    • Apparent Energy Received
  • Status Inputs
    • Status Input S1 Count
    • Status Input S2 Count

For PM5350:
  • Meter does not have on-board data logging
Note: PM5350 is not sold in North America

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