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Why are my EGX300 web pages missing?

Published date: 01 February 2019

When trying to open EGX300 web page using IP address, it'll display error "HTTP 404 page not found" after entering correct username and password

Product Line

HTTP server/Web pages

This issue possibly happens when file system (Memory) is corrupted

Steps to troubleshoot and verify if file system is corrupted:

1) Login to EGX300 using FTP. In Windows you can do that by opening a windows browser and type:
ftp://[EGX 300 IP address] and enter username and password.
You'll notice all files/folders are gone. FTP is empty.

2) Open a web browser and access EGX300 using it's IP address.
after entering correct username and password, it'll display error "HTTP 404 page not found" 
Modify your address to the following:
[EGX300 IP Address]/index.shtml

You'll be able to see a corrupted EGX300 web pages, like the image below:

Click on "Diagnostics" tab and scroll down to "File System" section

You'll notice Total space and free space = 0 KBytes

That confirms that memory is corrupted. In this case, Gateway will need to be RMA'ed

If File System space is not showing as 0 KBytes, follow normal procedure for EGX300 firmware upgrade to upload a new copy of disk image to the gateway
Firmware upgrade process can be found in FA212757
Latest EGX300 firmware version can be found in FA242399

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