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Power Monitoring Expert as OPC client with OPC tags using Extended ACSII Characters

Published date: 07 November 2018

User wants to add OPC device where the server provides OPC tags with extended ASCII characters such as Ô.

Struxureware Power Monitoring (SPM) 7.0.x
Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 7.2.x, 8.x

PME is configured as OPC client where tag from the OPC server includes charaters other than 0-9,a-z,A-Z

*Warning: Take backups of any files prior to modifying them. Ensure the backups are in a location that will not be overwritten (i.e. the Desktop).*

1) Complete the process to add OPC device see FA209993 

2) Open the driver's .xml in a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++

3) Find the location or character where you want to add the extened ASCII character. Add the code as encoded XML ASCII using &#xxx; (including the semicolon) where xxx is the Extended ASCII number representing the desired character.
For example to use Ô use Ô

4) Save the .xml file

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