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Video: How to create Web Users for the PM5500 web page?

Published date: 28 September 2018

Product Line
PowerLogic™ PM5500 Series Power Meters

Web Management Interface

Only a user account with Product Master privileges can edit and create users for the web page. The default username and password with Product Master privileges is User Name: user2 and Password: pass2. To setup a Web User or other logins with Web Master or Product Master privileges watch the video or follow the steps below.

  1. Login to the web page by entering the meter's IP address in the browsers address bar.
  2. An "Authentication Required" popup will appear.
  3. Enter user2 as the User Name and pass2 as the Password.
  1. Select Settings from the bar at the top.
  1. From this screen enter the Preferred User Name and Password in the Name and Password sections.
  2. Confirm the Password and select the Group to adjust the privileges to the desired level.
  3. Hit Save changes and the login will be created.

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