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LAN and WAN ports on the Easergy HU250

In the Easergy HU250:
  • The "LAN" network interface is the physical double socket - number 5
  • The "WAN" network interface controls both the physical single sockets - number 3 (3rd party devices) and number 4 (SCADA)
With the V1 software, today there is no separation of the IP traffic on these two physical ports.

It is technically feasible to do this, but it hasn't been implemented.

In the future:
As a gateway device, in order for  the T300 to keep the remote and local IP traffic separate, port 3 for third party devices will get its own interface e.g. LAN2

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Easergy HU250 LAN AND WAN Network interfaces.pdfEasergy HU250 LAN AND WAN Network interfaces.pdf [45.24 KB]
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