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How do I change the direction of rotation on Lexium 32 ?

Published date: 23 October 2018

If you simply want to invert the direction of rotation when the motor makes motion you need to change the parameter called InvertDIrOfMove

The factory default value is set for Inversion Off.   In which can the motor shaft rotates clockwise for positive movements and counter clockwise for negative movements.

By changing this parameter to Inversion On the rotational direction of the motor will be inverted.  Thereby causing the motor shaft to rotate counter clockwise for positive movements and clockwise for negative movements.

The parameter InvertDirOfMove is accessible from SoMove and also via the built-in HMI.

In SoMove you will find this parameter in the section "Axis Configuration > Drive

Via the build in HMI you will find this parameter at "Conf > ACG > InNo    

Note that changing this parameter will require you to perform a drive restart  "cycle the power to the drive".

rev 10-23-18


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