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What would cause the ATV930 process drive to get a precharge capacitor fault?

Published date: 18 September 2018

What would cause the ATV930 process drive to get a precharge capacitor fault?

Product Line:
ATV930 process drives


DC bus tie with another drive

In a configuration where the drive is connected and supplied by another drive via the DC bus, set DCBS parameter (Generic Functions/DC-Bus Ref Link) to "Drive with REC" as shown in the attachment. This will avoid "Precharge Capacitor" faults due to power supplied direct to the DC bus.

[Complete settings] -> [Generic functions] -> [dbS] -> [dCbS] -> [Drive with REC]

More details can be found on page 441 of the ATV900 Programming Manual:

Note: the ATV600 series is not designed for applications where the DC bus is powered from an external DC source.

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