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Accutech FL10 Float Level Issues and Troubleshooting

Published date: 02 April 2019

The Accutech FL10 wireless float level field unit interfaces with particular digital level sensors for monitoring oil and/or water levels in a tank.

The FL10 supports the following digital level sensors:

·Siemens Model 1000 Digital Level Sensor

·Siemens/Electrolab Model 2100 Digital Level Sensor

·Electrolab RU Flex 2100 Digital Level Sensor

The digital level sensor consist of a probe (or 'stick') with a number of sensors to detect the location of one or two floats that slide freely along the stick. These floats then indicate the tank level of the fluid(s) within the tank.

The FL10 field unit has a number of status codes describing conditions present in the device. The status codes are displayed on the local display of the field unit, reported to the base radio, and displayed in Accutech Manager.  If you are NOT actively monitoring these status codes, you will be able to identify these conditions by monitoring the process values. Instead of seeing a normal reading, a value of 999999.9 will be reported. 

Sensor Alert (SENALRT) indicates the sensor could not be measured and is not valid. Older field units may display S FAULT.
  • No Float detected or only one float detected in a two float configuration (floats might be too high or too low on the level stick; the number of floats configured is incorrect; floats have dropped off the bottom of the stick).
  • Misalignment of the floats. Align the white stripe on the float with the white stribe on the tube. If monitoring 2 levels, install the flaot labeled water towards the bottom of the sensor. If a float is misaligned by 90 degrees, the stick may still be able to see the float intermittently. This could cause the SENALRT to toggle on and off as the float appears and disappears from sight.
  • Invalid response from configuration command.

Level Alert (LVLALRT) indicates that the field unit level measurement may not be valid.
  • The level reading is a negative value. This can occur when a negative offset is used and the float is near the bottom of the stick.
  • The floats are touching and the position of each cannot be preceisely determined. This is more common with a 1/2" resolutiuon digital level sensor is used.

System Alert (SYSALRT) indicates that the field unit cannot measure the sensor or can not communicate with the sensor.
  • The Siemens FL10 did not respond to a configuration or measurement command. This could be from a loose connection between the head and the stick.
  • The Siemens FL10 responded with an invalid message or check sum.

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