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Which TM3 temperature module should I used?

Published date: 16 August 2019

The TM3TI8 does not read temperature in °C directly.  With TM3TI8 : conversion from ohm to °C should be done in application using the standard table, for example from here :
But as TM3TI8 resistance range is 100-32000 ohms, then you will be able to read positive temperatures only, as PT100 resistance is 100 ohms at 0°C.  In addition TM3TI8 does not offer 3 wires connection, the precision is not that good.

TM3TI8 can read thermocouples, thermistors (PTC or NTC) and resistors (range 100 - 32000).
PT100 PT1000 Ni1000 etc... resistance varies according to the temperature, like PTC and NTC, but range is not the same.

With TM3TI4 you just have to choose "PT100" and "Celsius (0.1°C) and you will get tenth of °C (24.5°C will give 245) directly without writing any logic.

To have direct reading of PT100 you should use TM3TI4.


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