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How can I setup a permanent magnet synchronous motor on an Altivar Process Drive?

Published date: 13 February 2020

Setup a permanent magnet synchronous motor on an Altivar Process Drive.

Product Line:
Altivar Process Drive (ATV630, ATV930, ATV650, ATV950, ATV660, ATV960, ATV680, ATV980)

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Altivar 6xx Series:
This Function is available from V1.2.  In ATV6XX drives earlier, it was not included, and the settings remains same as below.

Altivar 9xx Series:
To program the drive with a Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor
  • Set Motor Control Type - [Complete settings] [Motor parameters] [Motor Control Type] Ctt
    • [Sync. mot.] Syn - Open-loop synchronous motors: Motor control type specific for permanent magnet synchronous motors.
    • [Sync.CL] FSy - Open-loop synchronous motor: For motors with Encoders or motors with sinusoidal electromotive force (EMF) only
    • [SYN_U VC] SYnU - Open-loop synchronous motor: This motor control type is used for variable torque applications.
    • [Rel. Mot.] - Synchronous Reluctant Motor: Opened loop synchronous motor without permanent magnet. This motor control type is used for variable torque applications.
  • Setup Motor data parameters - [Complete settings] [Motor parameters] [Motor data]
    • ​[Sync Nominal I] nCrS - Sync motor nominal current.
    • [Nom SyncMotor Speed] nSPS - Nominal synchronous motor speed.
    • [Nom Motor torque] tqS
    • [Pole pairs] PPnS
    • [Angle setting type] ASt - Automatic angle setting type.
    • [SyncMotor Stator R] rSAS
    • [Sync Nominal Freq] FrSS - Synchronous motor nominal frequency.
  • For Motors with Encoder you may need to perform an Angle Test
    • See [Complete settings] [Motor parameters] [Motor data] [Angle test setting]
  • ​Perform Autotune - [Complete settings] [Motor parameters] [Motor data] [Motor tune]
    • When performing autotune make sure motor is connected
    • Make sure motor is cooled down.

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