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How long will the HMI Application remain after the HMI is powered off?

Published date: 05 April 2019

How long will the HMI Application remain after the HMI is powered off?

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In regards to the question on how long an HMI will retain its program after it has been powered off, I will explain how things are installed on the HMI first so you have a clearer idea of how things work.

First of all, during installation (ie. download of the HMI application), Vijeo Designer will write the application files to the storage destination as specified in the project's "Data Location Setting". This setting can be 1 of 3 choices: Main Drive, Secondary Drive, or Optional Drive - all of which are Flash based memory. As you may already see, the files necessary to run  the application are stored on the flash disk, hence meaning they can potentially last forever while the HMI is powered off (assuming nothing physically damages the Flash drive).

For a comparison, lets compare a laptop or desktop running Windows that is installed on a Hard Disk. Windows will always boot up as long as that hard drive is intact and physically able to run. This is the same scenario as the HMI. When the HMI boots up, it basically loads the application files from the "Data Location" into RAM where the application will run while the power is on. 

Therefore, there is really no dependence on power for how long the application will remain in the HMI. When it is written to flash memory, in theory, it remain forever.

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