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What is Unity Pro "Student Simulation Only"?

Published date: 10 December 2018

Unity Pro version 12.0 offers a "Student Simulation Only" package.    

It is dedicated to help students to train and become familiar with Unity Pro engineering software.
Unity Pro “Student Simulation Only” allows simulation of applications for M580 (medium range CPU) and M340.
It supports only limited features, and can only be used for student’s study and training purposes.
Unity Pro “Student Simulation Only” can only be used to develop an application that runs on Unity Pro PLC Simulator only.
It cannot connect to a real PLC, nor generate an application for a real PLC (Only Simulator).
An application developed with Unity Pro “Student Simulation Only” must not be opened or run with any standard version of Unity Pro.
Any other usage is strictly forbidden.

Unity Pro “Student Simulation Only” can be run for unlimited period of time: no registration is required.

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