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PM8000 displays an incorrect Vln avg value when setting the Volts Mode to Single

Published date: 03 May 2019

When the PM8000 volts mode is set to Singe, it will display an incorrect value for Vln avg when monitoring a 2 wire single-phase system. 

Product Line
PM8000 series

Meter's display

When the device is set to a Volts Mode of Single, Vln avg is the average of Vln a and Vln b. For a 2 wire single-phase system, Vln a is the expected value, and Vln b is equal to 0. Vln avg is then half of the expected value.
Vln avg = (Vln a + Vln b) / 2 = (Vln a + 0) / 2 = (Vln a) / 2

The Vln avg value can be relinked to Vln a using ION Setup. ION Setup can be downloaded here:​ 

Once the device is connected in ION Setup, perform the following:
  1. Enter into Advanced Setup
    1. Right-click on the meter and select Properties...
    2. Navigate to the Tools tab
    3. Select Show Advanced ION Setup
    4. Press OK
  2. Double-click Data Mapping Meas Modules
  3. Double-click Data Mapping Meas 1
  4. Relink the Vln avg input to \Power Meter Modules\MU Power Meter\MU Vln a
Note: The Vln avg input cannot be linked to \Power Meter Modules\Power Meter\Vln a as multiple inputs cannot be linked to the same value, and Vln a is already linked to the input Vln a in the Data Mapping Meas Module. Therefore, the MU Power Meter module must be used. If you are using PTs and require the MU Vln a be scaled, then the appropriate scaling would need to implemented using an Arithmetic Module.
  1. Click on Send to save the change

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