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What does error 9 warning RS485 / Modbus protocol mean in Lexium Integrated Drive's ?

Published date: 15 March 2019

Lexium Integrated Drives will save alerts and warnings in the error history log of the device.

If you connect to the Lexium Integrated Drive using Lexium CT and you find error "9 warning RS485 / Modbus protocol" in the error memory log, this is simply an alert to notify that there had been an unexpected termination of the RS485 communication.
This particular warning will be logged in the drives error memory anytime there is an interruption of the RS485 modbus connection while connected to the device with the Lexium CT commissioning software or some other means of RS485 communication.

For example:  You are connected to the device with Lexium CT and the communication cable accidentally becomes unplugged.  Or, you are connected to the device with Lexium CT and the power is accidentally interrupted to the device.
In both of these examples the RS485 connection will be terminated unexpectedly and the message "9 warning RS485 / Modbus protocol" will be logged in the drives error memory.

To avoid this warning being logged in the error history log of the device you should always select "disconnect" from the Lexium CT software, or if connected by some other RS485 method close the connection, before interupting the communication channel or before turning off the power to the drive.
This will avoid the warning being triggered and being saved in the error log of the device.


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