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Preventa XCS - UL certificate of XCSMP safety switches

Published date: 07 March 2019

Attached UL NKCR.E164353 certificate, about
- XCSLF & XCSLE safety switch with electromagnet for locking function
Please find them in "Limit switch for interlocking" part
- XCSA/B/C/E & XCSTE "limit switches for safety applications"
- XCSPA, XCSTA, XCSPL/TR, XCSTL/TR & XCSP "safety interlock switches"; plastic version
plastic safety switch, pre-cabled
- XCSD "safety interlock switches"; metallic version
- XCSM "Miniature limit switch", red switch
- XCSL5/7 "Switch with interlocking electromagnet", similar to the obsolete XCKJ59/79 switches

XCSMP red switches are listed in the
"Safety switches" item.

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