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How does the speed reference differ using modbus plus on the ATV66 vs ATV58 drive?

Published date: 02 August 2019

Difference in the speed reference using Modbus Plus on the ATV66 vs ATV58 drive.

Product Line:
ATV66 and ATV58 modbus plus


Speed signal scaling does not match between the ATV58 and ATV66 drive using modbus plus

Peer Cop  ATV66 control and command addresses
Drive Modbus Plus
Address Description Settings Default[1]
1 2021 Command 0
2 2022 Reference frequency 0
(2022) address for freq 
-32767 to 32767
Reference Frequency 26478 = 400 Hz;
-26478 = - 400 Hz (reverse)
Factory default = 0 (0 Hz)


ATV58 Peer Cop Address of Designation Description
Order Number speed controller
1 400 CMD DRIVECOM command register
2 401 LFR Frequency reference on line
16#5FE7/2  6A 01 02  LFR 0.1 Hz or 0.015Hz
Serial link frequency reference.

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